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There are a range of different opportunities available across our centres, and we always try to match your interests and skills to your volunteer role

Volunteer Roles

We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities across our Family Support Centre, Community Hub and Charity Shop, and we always try to match your interests and skills to your volunteer role.

This could be supporting our admin staff on reception, working with the families we support, organising and labelling, catering, retail and fashion.

To find out more about joining our volunteer team, contact Karen at hr@nourishsupportcentre.com.

Karen, HR Manager at Nourish
Volunteer, David

Volunteer Story - David

I first joined Nourish Charity Shop when I seen it in the Mercat and was interested to find out what it was. I have been volunteering for quite some time now and I really enjoy it. I enjoy tagging items and pricing them, steaming the clothes that need done, hanging up stock and doing walkarounds.

But what I enjoy the most is greeting customers when they're coming into the shop. I have gained much more confidence, friendships and have a lot of good laughs whilst volunteering in Nourish.

Volunteer Story - Ami

I started volunteering at Nourish because I've always wanted to do volunteering however being in a wheelchair made it a challenge until I came to Nourish who happily welcomed me to the team and have made me feel so welcome and appreciated since the moment I joined.

While I'm volunteering, I enjoy seeing so many different people come in knowing I can make a difference to their lives as well as my own. Since I started volunteering, I have gained the ability to use the till, but it has helped me with my confidence with talking to new people and most importantly I've gained another family. I love volunteering with Nourish.

Volunteer, Ami

Benefits of volunteering

Our volunteers receive full support and training, with further training opportunities, experience to add to your CV, travel expenses, and fantastic peer support from the whole Nourish team. Recognition at our annual volunteer award ceremony.

Benefits of Volunteering

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make a positive difference 
to people's lives
improve self esteem, confidence and wellbeing
gain invaluable experience
and learn new skills
meet new people from a range of backgrounds

What is it like to volunteer?

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  • Volunteer Story - Rab

    Being a Nourish member for 5 years I started volunteering in lockdown 2020 collecting food donations then started volunteering in the centre becoming lead volunteer.

    Once the charity shop and hub opened I then became involved in both. I enjoy giving back by going out collecting in the van, talking to other people as everyone that knows me I like a chat! What I get from volunteering is personal achievement especially if I have helped someone.

  • Volunteer Story - Gordon

    I like that I don't have to hide my disability when I'm volunteering with nourish and everyone is very understanding. I feel welcome and free to be myself. It feels like family.
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