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Published: July 7, 2023

Coffee Morning / Bake Sale

A coffee morning is a lovely way to catch up with friends and family, or colleagues - and who doesn’t love a bit of cake!?

Most people rely on a coffee (or tea!) to get them through the day so hosting a coffee morning is a great way to fundraise. If you're looking to host outside of the workplace, why not tie in with your local community group e.g. a parents group, a book club or running club? Or if you know a friend who is already running a bake sale, remember you can partner up. They can focus on the cake, while you make sure you've got the right beans and brew.

Home-baking is loved by all, and you can bake your way to fundraising success. Run the event at work, school, home or even at the local park! Depending on your audience, give consideration to specialist diets (like gluten free* or vegan) to maximise sales!

* Gluten-free usually needs to be prepared in a space that is not contaminated by gluten-containing products; so either have one person just making GF products, or instead label them NGCI (non gluten-containing ingredients) if you can't guarantee there's been no cross-contamination.

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